Waipio Valley

This place is magical by all mean This place is magical by all mean This place is magical by all mean This place is magical by all mean This place is magical by all mean

Waipio Valley

The Beach

The beach is a magnificent place to spend a lovely afternoon.

Hawaii beach

Mauna Kea

Watching the sunset from the top of the world. At a 15,535FT peak, the highset point in the North Pacific Ocean, sunset just get 100 times more beautiful.

Hawaiian Sunset

Water Falls

Secret location on the Hawaiian Islands will reveal this magnificent water falls.

Hawaiian Sunset

End of the Road

At the Hawaii Volacano National Park, drive all the way toward the Oacean, you will hit this magnificent lava flow, blocking the road.

Hawaiian Sunset

Road Close

And this is what is looks like when a lava hit the road.

Hawaiian Sunset

Black Beach

Over millions of years, water turns lava into sand.

Black beach

R-1 Off-Roading

R1 is by far the best off-roading adventure. Spend a whole day driving on the back of the Mauna Kea.

Off-road, R1


There are so many beautiful locations to view the sunset. The beach is certainly one of the best spots.

Hawaiian Sunset

Walk on a Volcano

A great spot to view, smell and touch a volcano that is still active deep under.

Hawaiian volcano park

Feel the heat

It's hot down there! Steam is created from rain that drips down.

Hawaiian lava field

Kīlauea Volcano

This is it. An active volcano that keep expanding the big island of Hawaii to this day.

Active volcano, hawaii

Lush Forest

Akaka Waterfall, this is one of three waterfalls in this park.

Akaka Waterfalls

Eye to the Universe

Here astronomers peer into the universe to unravel its mysteries.

Mauna Kea telescope
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